Local Credentials Verification Services for Credential Receivers

We will help you verify the authenticity of any academic credential issued by any institution in Nigeria

Verify Local Credentials


Fraud is a significant and costly problem for employers who hire candidates that falsely claim certifications. The consequences to an organization when a candidate or employee misrepresents his certification or license status can be enormous. The risks range from embarrassment and compromised business performance to declining market value and civil and criminal liability.


Our local verification services enables employers to make their employment screening more robust by providing a flexible and easy to use service. Our transparent and streamlined processes deliver the results of background checks quickly helping you to select the most suitable candidate for your business.



Perform verifications against employee credential claims and ensure you start managing the risk of skills fraud:


  1. Degree Certificate Verifications
  2. Employee Background Screening
  3. Physical Address Verifications
  4. Professional Certificates Verifications
  5. NYSC Certificate Verifications
  6. NECO and WAEC Certificate Verification



Perform employee personal attribute checks to make sure you’re dealing with an employee with the right history:


  1. Reference Checks
  2. Past Employment Checks
  3. Credit History Checks
  4. Individual Identity Checks
  5. Guarantor Validations



Initiate new verifications and checks online; organize all the previous checks into a single dashboard. Our technology helps you go paperless:


  1. Dashboard Monitoring
  2. Online Ordering
  3. Online Consent
  4. Online Results and Responses
  5. Digital Delivery and Archiving


We're Professional in our Approach