Credentials Verification Services for Credential Receivers

We will help you verify the authenticity of any academic credential issued by any institution in Nigeria and Abroad

Summary Information

With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become common practices. Failure to verify documents and information in today’s global scenario can be a huge risk.


In similar manner, organizations around the world are continuously making strategic decisions on how to differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market and as such, many are focusing on bold enhancements and extensions to their entire application process as a primary differentiator through verifying the authentication of the documents submitted by applicants to support their applications.


The primary purpose of verification and attestation is to vet the credentials of applicants in order to mitigate the risks of wrongful persons gaining an undue advantage. Our document and information verification service is the process of authenticating documents and validating information for genuineness and correctness.

What is a Document & Records Verification Service

A document and information verification service provides assurance that the documents and information presented to support application are correct without any prejudice.

ETX-NG provides organizations and institutions with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to verify a vast number of document types irrespective of where they were generated or obtained. Our verification services go beyond verifying the authenticity of a presented document but include validating information presented in other forms.

Document Types Verified

  • Academic Certificates
  • Passport & Identity Verification
  • International Degree Certificates
  • Professional Certificates
  • NYSC / WAEC / NECO Certificate
  • Student Transcripts & Results
  • Reference & Guarantor Checks
  • Criminal Check
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Address Verifications
  • Credit History Checks
  • Marriage Certificates


Benefits You Get from this Solution

Our service benefits organization by providing rapid verification of documents at low cost.

  • Outsourcing verification ensures lower cost with better quality
  • Reduce time to perform verifications whilst increasing customer service
  • Access to talent and operational expertise
  • Enhanced service to students and alumni
  • Transfer risk away from yourself to us; we’re better at this.

How It Works

Operational Model


  • Obtain authorization from organization
  • Obtain additional details and documents to be verified
  • Perform verification
  • Generates outcome reports
  • Maintain correspondence evidence


  • Authorize ETX-NG to perform verification of documents
  • Provide the names and basic details of applicants to be verified on a periodic basis
  • Obtain and review verification reports
  • Payment for service based on payment received from applicant