Verification Request Management System

Receive, process and respond to incoming academic credentials verification requests all in one place

ETX.NG Verification Request Management System

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Summary Information

Often times after a student graduates from an institution, the institution is often contacted by various businesses, governmental agencies and/or admissions offices of graduates schools requesting that the institution verify the authenticity of the degree certificate and the graduation date of the student.


Rather than have requests stored on paper, scanned, saved in email or stored in many different locations, our Verification Request and Response Portal ensures efficiency by proving you with a single unified interface where you can receive verification requests, process and send verification responses back to requester all done from a single system, controlled by you performed internally by your own resources. We only provide the platform.

What is a Verification Request & Response System

This is simply a web based platform specifically built for institutions, professional bodies and companies which allows you to easily receive requests from companies and institutions seeking to verify the academic credentials of students or applicants; efficiently process the verification and securely respond to the requester with your formal outcome response; all electronically.


Institutions and certificate awarding bodies are granted a dedicated verification ordering and management platform that allows the registry department to receive and manage all incoming verifications and outgoing verification responses all within a single portal. The fact here is that your credential can easily be forged if you don’t have an efficient verification process. And every time your degree is faked, its value drops.

Key Benefits

  • Automating the incoming requests for academic credentials verification.
  • Integrate the verification request directly into your eApplication process.
  • Your offices will receive and handle less paper saving you time and money, which will invariably increase the quality of your service to your customers.
  • You can receive electronic or manual versions of the verification requests and this will help you manage your time better.
  • Easier to use with WES verification requests.

Key Features

  • A dedicated verification request management portal will be deployed for your institution.
  • Pricing definition and payment systems integration.
  • Consent from student and data protection rules are built in.
  • All evidence are stored against each case and subject.
  • Notification for all requests, status alerts and response delivery.
  • All communication is secure and encrypted.