Online Transcript Request Portal for Transcript Issuers

Moving your transcript ordering online helps you and your students realize immediate time and cost saving benefits.

Transcript Request Portal


Summary Information

Tertiary institutions in the 21st century are facing new demands to manage their offices more efficiently while better serving their students.  In addition, today’s computer savvy students have high expectations including the immediate delivery of their official transcripts; we provide an automated system  that gives students the freedom to request academic transcripts online, 24/7, from any institution in Nigeria. Every step of the transcript ordering process is automated enabling rapid  transcript processing and delivery.


The ETX-NG academic transcript ordering  service is a Web-based service with network that consists of secure servers which support various protocols for transferring files. This service ensures that students do not need to travel to their schools to apply for transcripts; but rather allows them to order for their transcripts online and have it delivered to any destination worldwide.

What is an Online Transcript Ordering System

The ETX-NG platform takes the rigours out of results digitization and the desktop hassle out of transcript requests. Now it’s all done online; we do the digitization, students do the ordering whilst the institution does the processing. It is simple.


Our automated system gives students the freedom to request transcripts online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world without ever stepping foot in university offices. Transcripts are delivered to academic institutions, prospective employers and other recipients through our integrated Electronic Transcript Delivery Network or by traditional surface mail.


Finally! No more phone calls, forms to fill out or data to enter. Transcripts On Demand speeds up delivery, lower costs and frees up time so you can focus on improving student service. Our service incorporates all the features institutions need to offer state-of-the-art online transcript ordering.

Key Benefits of the Portal

  • 24/7 online ordering with fee collection
  • Order tracking/status pushed to students
  • One-click issue resolution communications
  • Real-time reporting (where are transcripts going, why, were they ordered, etc.)
  • Streamlined processing
  • Payment goes directly into the bank account of the institution via Remita


  • Complete, accurate information on requests.
  • No more missing information!
  • Students informed up front about processing times
  • Eliminates processing/filing of paper requests
  • Greater convenience and security for your students


Advantages of our Solution

Fully Traceable

No more lost transcripts! Both the tertiary institutions and their students will be notified when the transcript is sent, received and opened.

Secure and Unforgeable

Encrypted data is transmitted via a secure Internet connection applying the same high security protocols and confidentiality standards used for online banking and commerce.

Enhanced Student Service

Students won’t have to worry about missing a deadline or a job opportunity because their transcript was slow arriving or lost in the mail


Increased Office Efficiencies

With our proposed solution, sending transcripts takes less time so you can focus on other tasks. Plus, your paper burden can be significantly reduced and more transcripts archived electronically and out of your way.

Easy to Implement

For options with no postage, paper or envelopes to stuff, students can lower the cost of sending a transcript. Advanced web technology enables easy and safe implementation which does not require extensive IT support.

Data Protection

Fully compliant with data protection laws and the privacy of student and subject records. Authority to disclose information is in-built within the platform in accordance to each institution’s defined procedures