Scanning, Digitization & Archival of Paper Credentials

Convert your old raw scores in paper format into digital results in official transcript format

Raw Scores Scanning & Archival


Summary Information

It is quite easy to mount your file cabinets and boxes with paper documents thereby making it extremely difficult to find information in a time manner. ETX-NG provides managed scanning and archiving services in Nigeria by offering a full end-to-end electronic document and records management solution. Our service is here to help you move your paper-based processes to digital workflows, so that the documents you need are simple to find and use.


Our Document Archival and Digitization Service provides a scheduled and budgeted option for you.  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly pickups geared to systematically reduce your stored files, free up expensive space and provide immediate access to your data. In addition, we can come to your premises – onsite document scanning is a popular solution for confidential documents which simply cannot be removed from site. This can be down to legal compliance, regulation or document access requirements.

What is an Document Scanning & Digitization

Eliminate manual paper processing by converting all necessary documents into electronic files. Reduce paper, improve efficiency and cut costs quickly and easily. With the ETX-NG document digitization services, your documents are converted to digital images that can be electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from your computer or mobile device.


Document scanning services are one of the best ways to make the information you have in your organization quickly and easily accessible to any and every employee whom requires access. Hiring a digitization and records scanning service expert like ETX-NG to convert your paper files to digital will empower your employees, increase their productivity, improve your business processes, and eliminate waste

Benefits You Get from this Solution

Moving your paper-based document management to digital processes means that you benefit from:

  • Fast access to your information where and when you need it most.
  • Reduced risk of error and document loss associated with manual processes.
  • Easier regulatory compliance through improved access to information.
  • Improved performance against environmental policies with a move to paperless work processes.

Feature Summary

  • Digitisation performed at your premises
  • Retain access to your live documentation
  • An efficient bureau at your site or ours
  • Use your own staff to prepare documentation, with the help of our experts
  • Training by our experienced operatives
  • Get recommendations for your future scanning requirements.
  • Direct integration with our world class Electronic Document Management System