E-Send: Send Electronic Transcripts & Digital Credentials

Sending electronic transcripts as an attachment via email is good, but it can be done in a more secure and reliable means.

The authenticity of sending transcripts and other secure documents electronically via email can be repudiated. Anyone can pretend to be you.



Summary Information

Paper and emails are not the only medium for your business communications. With all the options available, schools now need an integrated strategy for delivery of their student electronic transcripts to ensure that the correct transcript directly gets to the intended recipient at the right time, in the right format with the assurance that it has not been modified.


Additionally, you must be confident that legal and compliance guidelines are met and that sensitive data is kept secure. Transcripts are secure documents and should at all times to protected in such a way that it cannot be edited, compromised, forged or seen by unauthorized persons..


Considering our growing experience in transcripts and verifications, we have devised a simple and easy to use solution that will deliver electronic transcripts and responses to verification requests in a tracked digital encrypted format.

What is E-Transcript Sender

The ETX-NG E-Transcript Sender is a solution for tertiary institutions to automatically encrypt and securely deliver students transcripts directly to known local and international transcript destinations. E-Send takes the results data or existing digital transcript from any existing system you have, encrypts it in secure PDF Certified format and securely delivers it directly to the institution such that there is notification sent to both the sender and the receiver; and should you wish, the student too.


Rather than can have transcripts printed on paper, scanned, saved in email attachment and then sent; “ETX-NG E-Send” ensures efficiency by proving you with a single unified interface where you can send transcripts in a more flexible way.


Once sent, the recipients then receive the transcript in a secure verifiable manner. This ensures that you have a controlled view of all outgoing transcripts – we believe this is the first step to preventing transcript fraud.

Key Benefits

Electronic transcript delivery today is a must-have for any school. The issue of security in an increasingly online-centric world has long been addressed, making e-results delivery a secure and safe delivery method. Electronic delivery of transcripts and verification responses when delivered correctly through a system that is reliable and compliant, such as ETX-NG E-Send, is more secure than paper-based mail or regular E-mail.


  • Simplifies and accelerates preparation of transcripts.
  • Increases workflow efficiency by getting transcripts to recipients faster.
  • Increases staff efficiency by freeing time for higher value work.
  • Reduces expenses for equipment, supplies and fixtures used for printing, packaging and filing.