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Summary Information

ETX-NG assists students and alumni in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria and we ensure the delivery of such transcripts to any school world-wide; whether electronic or paper.


Rather than travel down to your school or send friends and relatives to obtain your academic transcripts, ETX-NG is able to assist with this faster and safer. We maintain a network of representatives covering each tertiary institution who then follows-up through with your order whilst working directly with the institution.


Once the order is fulfilled, ETX-NG will ensure that your transcripts are delivered electronically where applicable or via courier and recorded channels otherwise.

Benefits to You

We are taking all the costs, time delays and risks away from you into one small package. In today's practice, you would have to face the following variables which could be very expensive and risky.


  • Cost of physically travelling to your home institution to request for a transcript – the cost of flying
  • Risk: Consideration of the risk of travelling by air or by road
  • Informal fees that you may need to pay to expedite the application processing
  • Hotel expenses associated with staying within the town of your home institution
  • Delivery charges associated with transporting the transcript to your recipient institution
  • Risk of delivery delays or non-delivery using traditional surface mail.


Why Use ETX-NG For Transcript Request Services

Today’s computer savvy students have high expectations including the immediate delivery of their official transcripts and this is why we provide an automated system  that gives students the freedom to request academic transcripts online, 24/7, from any institution in Nigeria. Every step of the transcript ordering process is automated enabling rapid  transcript processing and and secure delivery.


Our customer service focus in unparalleled and we continue to work harder until we achieve our student client goals. Our experience in Nigeria and the relationships we foster with the education community in Nigeria puts us in a much better position to assist you with you transcript request needs in Nigeria.



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