Credential Collection Services

It can be quite challenging to make a trip just a pick up an academic credential from your school; when we can do it for you

Collect Academic Credentials from Schools in Nigeria


Credentials Collection Services

We know it is not always possible to obtain your paper degree certificate at the time of graduation from a tertiary institution in Nigeria. Most of the time, the student is left without a degree certificate thereby using their statements of results for applications to other schools and employment due to the tough requirement of physical appearance to obtain their certificates.


To assist in resolving these problems for students as well as institutions, ETX-NG offers unclaimed certificate collection services to students who wish to use our collection services to obtain their certificates from insitutions in Nigeria that allow certificate collection via proxy

Credentials We Collect

  • Academic Degree Certificates
  • Professional Membership Certificates
  • Training Certificates
  • English Language Proficiency Letter
  • Mark Sheets
  • Statement of Results
  • Proxy Clearance Services
  • Language of Instructions
  • Notifications of Results
  • Academic Transcripts


Benefits to You

  • Full legal protection for institutions to release certificates by proxy
  • All collections are documented and trackable
  • 24×7 Online Ordering, Reliable and Guaranteed, Network of reps across the country
  • Online Status Tracking to give you accurate info on the status of your order
  • Students can concentrate on their day to day activities whilst we run the collection errands
  • It is cheaper for both the student and the institution to use a collection service
  • Risk: Consideration of the risk of travelling by air or by road
  • Informal fees that you may need to pay to expedite the application processing


How It Works


We always apply formally to the institution who then decides on a case by case basis to approve certificate release or not.


  1. We receive a notification of interest from the student who wishes to use our certificate collection services. Once we receive this, we always apply formally to the institution who then decides on a case by case basis to approve certificate release or not.
  2. Once approved, we contact the student and inform them of any specific requirements and procedures defined by the school which again is on a case by case basis. The student will provide to us all the required documents to complete the collection.
  3. The student will provide the legal mandate as described above ensuring that the institution is indemnified from any future complaints or legal actions that may arise from this process.
  4. All required fees and documents will be submitted to the institution for processing maintaining a chain of responsibility all through to the actual collection by ETX-NG.
  5. Once the certificate is ready and using a wide network of university reps, we obtain the physical copy of the certificate, repackaged and delivered to student via recorded delivery.